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Happy 2014!

And what a way to start the year: this blog has reached a milestone of 200 followers. Thank you so much, all of you!

Anonymous asked: Hiii I love your fics! I was wondering if you could do a one-shot of Tom right after Comic-con. He is still in his dressing room dressed as Loki and a young girl (Name her w.e you want) comes back stage and catches his eye. She asks for his autograph and he stays in character, however when Loki asks her to kneel and she refuses he gets a little out of control and forces her to be intimate with him. pleaasee :P

Hi, and thanks a lot for the message! :)

I’m sort of not writing anything at the moment because I’m more than busy with uni work and I’ve just lost my mojo in general (and I’ve no clue when it’ll come back)… So I’m sure you’ll understand why there won’t be a response for your prompt very soon. 

As for the prompt itself, well, I have a couple of issues, I’m afraid. The first one is the fact that I’m sort of reluctant to write fics where Tom pretends to be Loki, just because it’s hard for me to see it, but I could work my way around that (plus there’s so many fics like that already, but that’s still something I could get around). However, the forces her to be intimate with him part is something I have to say I will have to draw a line with, because to me that’s rape (unless it’s a situation/scene that’s been agreed on beforehand and therefore consensual). So unless I change the prompt a bit whenever I get back to writing, I don’t quite honestly know if I can write it that way. 


Hey all you lovely people there on the other side of the screen! I am so glad and grateful to see this blog is still getting more followers (there’s 180 of you lovelies as I post this), despite the lack of activity. I don’t know if/when I’ll post new fics, but I hope you’ll enjoy the fics already here

Anonymous asked: Ahh cool! :D can't wait to read it when you do! Glad I could make you smile! :)

Awwwww that’s so sweet of you! I’ll get to it next time I have the time and the right mood for some Professor!Tom. :)

Anonymous asked: So I just read your entire professor hiddleston series and it is AMAZING. I can't wait to read more! Can I request a prequel fic? One on their first time, or how they got together in the first place :)

Oh wow, that’s… I’m smiling so widely now. Thank you! You picked a wonderful day to send this message, dear anon. 

About your request: that’s something I’ve been thinking about, actually. I have ideas (many that I will never probably write because they’re too small; sort of like headcanons) about this whole “universe”, and that is one of those things. It’s not quite clear yet, but one day I will write that. Just need to sort out how. :) 

Thank you so much! <3

holyleonardodicaprio asked: I JUST READ LOTS OF YOUR FANFICTION AND I THINK I'M CRYING IT'S ALL SO AMAZING. thank you for writing so wonderfully, I especially liked the Thor stories as he's my favorite! You wrote both Loki and Thor perfectly.

Awwwwwwwwwww, thank you so much! This is such a lovely thing to hear, darling. Thank you. <3

I’m especially glad you enjoyed the Thor fics, I thought no one reads those. You’ve made my day!

Thank you for sending this message, and I hope you continue to like the fics. :)


The Texts (Professor!Tom/reader, explicit sexual content)


A/N: Finally filled this prompt! A bit different from what I intended, but here it is. Thank you to the anon who sent it, I hope you like this! :)

Quite a few occasions of cursing in this one, for some reason. No warnings, explicit sexual content and language. 

* * *

It all started so simply. You and Tom had been forced to spend the weekend away from each other, from Friday all the way to Monday evening, as he would be taking part on a conference out of town, and you were stuck there, trying your best to finish the essay you had to write by midnight on Sunday.

Well, it wasn’t as simple as you had thought it would be, anyway.

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For You {Loki/reader, explicit sexual content and language}


A/N: My first Loki fic in ages!

Loki has taken you to his home, to Asgard, and is now, after two weeks, going to show you a new side of himself… 
[AU, where Loki is the King of Asgard.]

Explicit sexual content and language, no warnings. 

* * *

"Now that you’re finally here, with me, I need you to understand something…" Loki said, his voice dropping into a whisper as he leaned closer to you, lips by your ear.
"You are mine. Mine alone. And I shall have you as I please… My servants will make sure you are bathed and presentable. Be ready at sundown.”

The instructions had come in a clipped tone, with an even voice and no hint of emotion whatsoever - other than the yearning you knew was boiling right under the surface of his skin. You had been in Asgard for about two weeks now, you weren’t even exactly sure of the time yourself anymore, for the days and nights seemed to blend into a mixture of passion and wonder, as you explored the kingdom and castle, and Loki explored your body and soul.

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Two Lines (Magnus Martinsson/reader)


A/N: At least this one more drabble! :D 

It is three weeks until you and Magnus are to be married, but one morning you get a big surprise that will change your lives… No warnings. 

[Also, I’m going away for the weekend so consider this little thing something to hopefully make up for my absence. See you on Sunday! <3]

* * *

It was three weeks until your wedding, until Magnus would be officially yours and you’d be his. Three weeks, and all the preparations and stress and worries would be over, and you could just enjoy married life with your husband. In other words, you could go back to normal life, meaning work, takeout meals and regular sex.

Or so you had thought.

Then came that morning, the morning you woke up with a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach. It was more of an emotional than a physical thing, you knew that. Something wasn’t right. For a while you didn’t know what it was, and had time to turn around, kiss Magnus’s cheek and play with the curls at the nape of his neck… Then it hit you.

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Big Words (Magnus Martinsson/reader drabble)


A/N: I know these drabbles and fics don’t come out in any kind of chronological order, sorry! This time it’s time for some big words. Who says them, you or Magnus?

* * *

There was at least one thing you had learned in your job as a detective, and that was that after a particularly rough day or a difficult case, you needed to relax, unwind, throw you brain out the window for a while. To forget. Before, that need had been easily solved with a night out and your good friend Mr Alcohol, but lately… Lately all that had been replaced with sex.

And not sex with just anyone. Sex with Magnus.

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