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Children of the Night - Chapter Two


A/N: Ida goes to Adam’s to work on his music project, and finds the visit is nothing like she expected.

[Chapter 1]

* * *

Chapter 2: A cappella

Ida stepped out of Ian’s car cautiously, thanking him for the ride and looking at the house in front of her. It looked like it was straight from a bad gothic novel, all gloomy and alone. Even the lonely streetlight was dark; probably the bulb in it had gone since the house in front of her still had lights on. There was nothing else around there, just darkness and chilly air, so she shrugged and walked to the door. At least I wasn’t blindfolded for the drive, she thought, both amused and perplexed by Adam’s secretiveness. He wouldn’t let her come on her own, instead he insisted that Ian drive her there. All just so that he wouldn’t have to give out his address? How paranoid. He was a true eccentric, clearly. Not like anyone was really that keen to know where the mysterious musician lived, surely. People had a life to live and all, no one was that focused on him or his identity, no matter how good his music was…

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A/N: Magnus makes you be late for a party you’re both attending… But you don’t really mind. ;)

Explicit sexual content and language. 

* * *

"Mmm… You smell intoxicating, darling."
"Shut it, Martinsson, we’re going to be late," you muttered at your boyfriend, leaning closer to the mirror on your bedroom wall as you fastened your earrings and trying your best to ignore him. His hands were stubborn, never leaving your hips, and his mouth found your skin, kissing your favourite spot on your neck.
"Mags…" you sighed, feeling your body relax in his arms even though your head told you you couldn’t. There wasn’t time, you had to go to the party… In less than twenty minutes… But his lips felt so good. Too good…

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A/N: Just a bit of Magnus fluff for anyone suffering from a bad day. 

* * *

"You should’ve let me drive. At least I don’t get lost."
"We’re not lost, just a bit… Astray."
"Mmmm, sure. Where are we going, anyway?"

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Children of the Night


A/N: Right, here we go! A new fic, and a multi-chapter no less. Ooh, scary. Well, let’s see how it goes… This is my first attempt at writing Adam, so be kind. :)

Adam, a 400-year-old vampire and Ida, a 20-something human (or “zombie”) end up working together on his music project. The two notice they share more than just music, and step by step get to know each other better. But how well?

* * *

Chapter 1: Prelude

"Come on Adam, you never go out!" Ian’s voice came as if from a distant to Adam. It was a noise he couldn’t really escape, but he didn’t care much for it, either. It was a like a bird’s song in the morning, unimportant, sometimes annoying and sometimes pleasant. Right now? Just a background noise. And annoying.
"I do go out," Adam muttered, focused on his fingers that fiddled with the guitar, getting it in tune. "Just not when you’re here."

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By Your Side


A/N: You and your partner/boyfriend from Ystad Polis, Detective Magnus Martinsson, are working on an arrest. Something goes horribly wrong, however, and the consequences change everything. How will you get over it - or will you?

Trigger warning for mentions of blood and shooting.

* * * 

I have never liked hospitals. I tolerate them, because they are a part of my job, but I don’t like them. I don’t like the smell of anti-disinfectants, or the pale walls, or the doctors in their white coats and the patients huddled pathetically in their seats or beds, or the families visiting and looking so remorseful and disgustingly full of love, even though they might have been arguing about the kid’s new boyfriend or threatening each other with god knows what or writing divorce papers just yesterday. But oh no, once you’re in the hospital you’re a saint and everyone loves you, because you, poor thing, are not well.

I hate it, I hate the pity in everyone’s eyes, I hate how quiet everyone speaks. As if everyone there was dying, when actually most people walk out of there on their own feet fairly soon. I hate the hushed voices, the quiet footsteps, and the stupid daytime TV in the background of everything, like it was some all-seeing eye, prying on every little thing happening there.

Most of all I hate it when someone is in the hospital because of me.

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Anonymous asked: Holy frickety frick, I just found your fics and you are a goddess! Especially the Professor Hiddleston ones, I just can't, ugh you're amazing, write more please? Hope you had a good day :)

Awwwww thank you so much! *squealing*

I’m so glad to hear people still find me and my fics. At the moment I’m quite busy with uni work & life, but if inspiration hits me I will write more. 

I hope you’re having a lovely day, too. :)

Happy Fucking Valentine’s


A/N: Lo and behold, she writes! Yes, I know I said I probably won’t be writing anything for a while and I feel weird about RPF and what even, but you know what? Fuck that, because I was hit with inspiration for this piece and it wouldn’t leave me. So I present you with some (late) Valentine’s Day smut.

Tom Hiddleston/reader. Explicit sexual content and language. 

Tom Hiddleston asks you to be his Valentine. What follows is much more than a box of chocolate or bouquet of flowers… 

* * *

"I know you’re not too keen on all this Valentine’s Day business…" Tom’s voice purred in your ear, "…but would you be my Valentine?"

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Anonymous asked: Hey Lina. I've just found your blog and when I'll have enough time I'll read your fics. I'd have a question for you: have you thought about writing a fic in which more of Tom's characters show up e.g. Loki and Magnus in the same story? And maybe an OC as well?

Hi there! (It’s Iina, by the way, with capital i.)

I’m so glad you’ve found my blog and even more glad that you’ve decided to read my stories! Thank you, in advance. :)

As to your question, yes, I have thought about it, but, well, I have two answers, actually:

1) I haven’t yet figured out a story where that would actually work well enough for me to even attempt doing it (there’s the obvious case of Loki being arrested and Magnus being the policeman but that has been done already)


2) at the moment I’m not writing any fics at all, so I don’t know if that would ever happen even if I had the idea. :)